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May 7, 2010

I have been photographing a lot of couples lately, mostly for weddings and engagement sessions, but I am also working on my own personal project with couples. It’s just an on going project I love to work on when I can. Couples really fascinate me. The way two people can interact together so naturally, so intimately, it’s just so beautiful. So anyways, here are some of my favorite couple shots recently.

Meghan and Chris in March

And it rained that day. 😦 Thanks so much Meghan and Chris for participating in my project and for being such troopers.

Ivy and Casey in March.
Ivy and I worked for so long to try and coordinate our schedules to do this shoot, and finally we found a day that worked. Thank you again so much guys!

Adam and Khan in April.
I absolutely love this shot! It’s one of my favorites. Thank you again so much guys.

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  1. November 30, 2010 3:58 am

    You’re such a pro.

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