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Family Pictures

January 15, 2010

My mom’s parents live in Big Stone Gap Virginia, a really small, quiet little town. There is even a book about the town by Adriana Trigiani, which the Trigiani’s are old family friends of my parents. Some of my Uncle’s are mentioned in her books. But anyways, my sister and I took a day and drove up to Big Stone to spend a belated Christmas with my grandparents and my Aunt Debbie. While we were there we made my granny break out some of my mom’s old clothes from high school and college. My mom was actually in a lot of beauty pageants back in the day and won quite a few. I could never fit in her dresses even if I tried to, but Jamie can fit in them so we had fun documenting her trying on some old pageant dresses. Here are a few old family pictures I had burned to a disc a few years ago as well.

This is my grandmother Kathleen.

This is my mom as a baby, and to the right is my mom and her sister Debbie as kids.

To the left is my Mom, my Aunt Debbie and my grandfather Paul Bentle Gillespie and to the right is my Mom.

My grandparents, Kathleen and Paul Gillespie.

This is the house my grandparents still live in.

This is my mother at one of her pageants, and below is the newspaper clipping when she won. Isn’t she stunning!

My mom, my aunt, my grandparents and my cousin.

Now back to my Big Stone Gap visit. This is my sister wearing my mom’s old pageant gown, it was TINY!

One of my grandmother’s many figurines.

My sister and my grandmother. My sister is wearing the exact dress my grandmother wore when my mom got married.

Another one of my mom’s old outfits.

Lucy came with us. 🙂

And my sweet grandfather in his chair asleep.

My grandfather is not doing so well, so not only did I want to post some old family memories, but I am also asking for thoughts and prayers. My grandparents have had two rough years, so I only hope 2010 isn’t one as well.

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