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Happy New Year

January 8, 2010

Over the New Year’s weekend I traveled to Maryland with my dad to photograph Ben and Branden’s wedding on the second, and to spend New Year’s there as well. I captured this shot on New Year’s Eve and it’s so funny to me because for a few reasons. The weather was terrible, it was half snowing and half raining. I had to set up my tripod and put my jacket over my camera so it wouldn’t get too wet, and yet I could still barely see. Not to mention these drunk kids decided they really wanted to be in the photo so they stood there and posed for about two minutes. Anyways, I captured this in Hampden at like 12:05am. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Friday night the 1st was the Rehearsal at the Loew’s Hotel in downtown Annapolis where they got married, and the Rehearsal dinner was at Ruth Chris’. Ben and Branden are just perfect for each other. They both have such great personalities, they are both hysterically funny and really kind genuine people. I am so jealous too, they are going on a 19 day Honeymoon trip to St. Martin, St. John’s, and all around the islands. How cool is that? When I moved to Annapolis in 2007 I found a great room to rent in Ben’s condo. I didn’t have too many friends in Annapolis and things really worked out for the best. Moving in with Ben was a great decision. He became such a dear friend to me, and at the time he had just started dating Branden. So needless to say I loved having a girl come over to watch 90210 with and to go shopping with. It was a great fit. I was so happy when they got engaged and I was even happier to photograph the wedding. Here is just a sneak preview of the weekend in Maryland.

Ruth Chris’ at night

Downtown Annapolis by the water, it was so FREEZING COLD! I couldn’t take pictures for long, maybe I am a wimp, but it was cold.

Ben and Branden’s engagement Session on Friday afternoon in downtown Annapolis

I love all of them! It was so hard to pick a few to post. Since I have barely looked at the wedding images, here is my favorite so far.

Branden was just stunning! She looked beautiful! I will post more later when I can, but for now, that’s a glimpse of my fun filled New Year’s weekend in Annapolis. Congrats Ben and Branden!!! I am really happy for you two and so jealous of that honeymoon.

My Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions!

1. Excercise regularly (now that I have music on my ipod)
2. Experiment more with photography, take more risks. Market myself like crazy.
3. Eat healthier, no more gummy bears
4. Get more involved in Atlanta, join a club or two
5. No more dwelling on the things that you can’t fix in life. Some things just aren’t meant to be, and not everyday can be a fantastic    one.


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  1. Branden permalink
    January 8, 2010 11:46 pm

    CJ, the pics turned out great! Im so antsy and I can’t wait to see the rest! I saw the weather report today, it said it feels like 7 degrees in Atlanta and i was thinking about you!

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