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5th Quarter

June 17, 2009

Tomorrow at 7 I am officially done with my 5th Quarter. Really scary! I can’t believe I only have three more now. Things have been so crazy busy, but I promised myself I would post more work on here and especially since I need to desperately update my website. So here goes, new stuff!

Molly and Matt’s E-Session

Picture 1

To see my favorites so far, check them out here.

Some of my favorite images from the quarter.

Check out this cool shoot Rachel Anscher art directed for her Small Bites Magazine. I love this shot!

Picture 1

Some images from my great class with Michael West.



Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 4

Here are some of my favorites from Zach’s Location Lighting Class. I had some great classes this quarter.

Picture 3





Picture 5

I really do have so many I could post, so I will try and post more over the break. But for now, those are my newest pieces. I am off to bed, I am lacking sleep this week and I have critique tomorrow.


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