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February Already.

February 5, 2009

2009 has treated me well so far, I have nothing to complain about. I work part time babysitting here and there when I can, I go to class (I have never missed a class), I go home and edit photos while I watch a movie or listen to Sex and the City, and if I am not doing those things I am usually out shooting. I am trying to stay creative and inspired this month, and reading other blogs, websites, magazines, books, etc is just not enough I have decided. No matter how much I read and try to learn, the only way to learn is by doing. So therefore I have decided once a week or more I am going to do something completely not me, something random, and just shoot it. I have no idea what it is, it might even be something in my house. But I am finding that I am really only shooting when I have a photo shoot for a project, or if I really see something cool and I have to take a picture. But the truth is, I need to be shooting all day, every day, all kinds of things and maybe I should even continue the sunrise/sunset assignment on my own. This is so far my goal for 2009. I am really going to work on that this month. Sometimes it helps to write it down because then I feel like I will hold myself to it.

Since we are on the topic of goals, these are my goals for 2009:

1. Get my promo pieces printed
2. Actually read an entire book
3. Join a club/organization in Atlanta
4. Learn to cook something other than frozen foods
5. Cut down on the carbs
6. Call a friend once a week that I don’t get to talk to very often anymore, that way I can stay in touch more
7. Continue my letter writing, I love sending thank you letters and birthday cards to people. It makes me smile.
8. Call my grandparents once a week to chat and catch up. I would want my grand kids to call me.
9. Make a running wish list of everything I need to start buying for my future business (it might take a while, but at least I will have the list)
10. Be more confident in everything I produce.

Having made my list of goals, I should be good to go. Now, here are some of my latest inspiration shots I found. I have a folder just for inspiration shots and I am constantly looking for more.




I love all these shots because they are something I would never think of and I would probably never try to do, and they are really different. They help me think outside the box.

I am going to post some of my latest work this weekend, but for now have a good night.

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