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The end of another one…

December 10, 2008

Tonight is my critique for my third quarter and then I will be officially moving on to my fourth quarter at PC. I really can’t believe how fast things have moved in Atlanta. This time last year I was waiting for my acceptance letter from PC, and here I am. It was a challenging yet rewarding quarter and I feel like I learned so much. So cheers to finishing up another quarter.

I can’t wait to go home over break and just relax for a few weeks. It is going to be great to have nothing to do. Well not nothing, I am a bridesmaid in a wedding which I am pretty excited about. One of my best friends Carson is getting married December 27th, so I have lots of festivities to go to coming up. I feel like I have neglected this blog, so I am going to post lots of my new work later this week.

But for now, check out some really cool greeting cards here, I own a boxed set and I love them. Cecily Ink makes some beautiful letterpress cards, and I love to send them out to people.

And check out Sarah Wilson, she is one of my other favorite photographers. She shoots for Oprah, Texas Monthly, Real Simple, CNN, and many more. Her work is very inspiring to me, and whenever I am in a stump, I look at her site. She has some really interesting editorial stories. Here are some of my favorite shots of hers, and be sure and check out the awesome photo story on Jasper Texas.




That’s all for now!

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