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July 3, 2008

I started my second quarter at PC this week, and last night was my second class which is Photojournalism. I really don’t have a lot of experience with photojournalism which could be why I am so excited about the class. We have some pretty cool assignments for the quarter and since last night I have been researching some photojournalists trying to get some inspiration for the class. Probably my all time favorite photojournalist is Jodi Cobb. She is one of the few full time staff photographers for National Geographic. She has photographed more than 26 articles for NG, and she has had 28 different addresses around the world, including a five year stint in Iran. She is on the top of my list for inspiration. In 1994 Jodi Cobb went to Japan to document the secret life of the Geisha, which in turn led to the 1995 award-winning book Geisha: The Life, The Voices, The Art. I truly love that book, but here is one of my all time favorite images of Jodi Cobb’s work.

Since last nights class, I have been researching other NG photographers and found Amy Toensing. I had never researched her before, and I always love finding new sources of inspiration. These are some of my favorite images from her website, which you should check out.

I really like her work, her style, and her journalism approach, and I am hoping that I can produce some photojournalist pieces I am proud of this semester.

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