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What would you ask?

April 17, 2008

For my Storytelling and Metaphors class, we are working on a project where we are paired into teams of two and we have to interview the other person. I thought to myself, oh this is easy, all you have to do is ask a few questions and listen. I was so wrong.

Interviewing someone can be quite tricky actually. You ask a question, and the other person starts talking and as much as you want to comment and agree on certain aspects, you really can not say respond. You can interrupt if the other person is drifting off in one direction and you would like to go back, or maybe learn about something else. I am a huge rambler, so I know the guy who interviewed me probably was bored out of his mind. I just talk and talk and talk, and then all of a sudden we are out of time.

In class yesterday we were listening to some interviews from StoryCorps and we listened to this one interview that was really heartwarming. A younger down syndrome girl was interviewing her own father. One of the questions she asked was, “How did you and mom feel when I was born?” It really puts things into perspective when you hear questions like that. I have to tell you this class is awesome, it really is. I love the teacher, and the things we are learning are really valuable. If you think about it, we interview people everyday in some form or another. Whether you are at the grocery store or at dinner with a girlfriend. We always ask questions. But listening to that interview yesterday made me realize how important it is to know our parents history, and traditions, and really sit down and interview them. I would love to come up with 10 questions and ask them both separately of course, and not even the same questions, just information I have always wanted to know but never asked. I would love to ask about my dad’s experience in Vietnam, and I would love to ask my mom questions about her childhood and how she decided to become a teacher. It made me realize I really need to learn all kinds of stuff about my parents. So for the next few weeks I am going to really think of 10 questions to ask them both in an interview. As for school, I couldn’t ask for a more interesting and cool class to be in.

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