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Getting back in the groove of things.

April 3, 2008

It is Thursday already! This week has flown by so fast. I started school on Monday, and so far everything is great. I have met some incredibly nice people, taken some really cool shots, and bought my first tripod. I tried to go to PPR store yesterday which is 667 11th Street NW. I thought I knew exactly how to get there (thought being the key word here), so of course I go on to downtown and 11th Street dead ends, the store was no where to be find. I then call the store and ask for directions cause apparently I am in the wrong area. Of course I am on the wrong 11 St. Who knew there are two seperate 11th Streets, but it is Atlanta and there are 40 some streets in Atlanta with Peachtree in the street name. Crazy! The joys of moving to a new city! However, I did find the store eventually and I bought my first tripod.

Last night I got the opportunity to go to my first Braves game, which was really neat! I even got to experience some of the bad traffic downtown trying to get to the Field. But overall the game was really fun, and you can’t beat going to a Braves game for the first time.

School is going great so far, and I think I am going to venture around in Atlanta this weekend and try to get some good shots. But for now, here is one I took at the Braves Game. Go Braves!


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