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Army Guys!

March 12, 2008

Years ago I would job search by looking through Print Magazine’s Annual Design, and if I would see a design I really liked, I would look up the website and write the name of the company down. I did this for a whole year when I was job searching, but of course most of the studios I fell in love with were too far away, or not hiring. Who knew I would end up in Annapolis 40 miles away from on of my favorite design firms, Design Army. I never got the chance to go tour the studio, or even say hi, which I am kicking myself for now, but I absolutely love their designs. Not to mention their own branding. On their site they talk about doing things differently and doing things better. They strive in understanding the client’s needs yet stretching creative potential. How many times do you get to actually do what you want, but yet still satisfy the client? Somehow, they manage to do this very well. With only five people working there, they seem to work really well together because the list of their awards is amazing. They must have at least 75 different awards they have won. Located in the Nation’s Capital, this design firm is forever bookmarked on my computer! Here are a few of my favorites from Design Army!

An annual report for the University of Virginia Library

Ballet Royale Brochures

Design Army Branding

I hope you love their designs as much as I do. Check out their stuff here.

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  1. March 13, 2008 4:51 pm


    Glad you like our work, an dif oyu do come to DC you can stop for that studio tour.


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