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February 27, 2008

I only have 4 days left in Annapolis, and I wanted to share and reflect back on the things I have loved about Annapolis. So I figured I would start with my top 10 favorite things!

1. The true beauty of Annapolis.
2. Going downtown to shop, eat ice cream, and watch the sailboats. It is so peaceful.
3. Eating at Grumps on Saturday morning.
4. Taking Lucy to Quiet Waters Dog Park.
5. Having such a great roommate to live with at Lake Heron Condos, thanks Ben!
6. My first time eating crabs at Kentmorr on the water, even though I had a hard time breaking them apart.
7. Annapolis is so close to D.C. and Baltimore.
8. My kickball team days, The Dime Peace Strippers, yeah what a name!
9. The Annapolis Boat Show, that was my first boat show ever.
10. All the great families I was able to meet and babysit for.

Should I go to 15? I think I should try.

11. Living by some very interesting neighbors, let’s just say everyday
was an adventure.
12. Going to the Annapolis Mall, man you could see everything there. Especially on a Friday night.
13. Eating at McGarvey’s downtown, a great seafood restaurant.
14. While I met some really nice people in Annapolis, I also met some really rude ones. It was a nice surprise in the day to meet someone who wouldn’t cut you off in the grocery store. I am sure that happens in every city, but it was something I really appreciated while I was living here.
15. Most of all, I am really glad I got to see the things I did, experience the things I did, and eat really good food!


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