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Play on Colors

February 20, 2008

Every time I look at Binth’s website, it makes me just want to buy all their stuff. The colors they use, and the way they play with type is so unique. I first saw them at the Stationary Show in NY, and I was just blown away with all their designs. I have only been to the Stationary Show once, and granted there are booths you can just zoom right by, and then there are the booths like Binth that you stop, and look, and think “Why didn’t I think of something like that, that is so neat.”

They use a refined screen-printing process, and man, I wish I knew how to screen-print. They hand mix all their colors themselves for that vibrant and original look. Binth has been featured in Redbook Magazine, Traditional Home, Domino, and Food and Wine magazine. Here is why I love what they do!

Their screen-printed baby book! A one of a kind hard cover book with a
keepsake box.
Baby Book

Screen-Printed Alphabet Poster

Alphabet Poster

My personal favorite, the Numbers Poster.
Numbers Poster

Binth Matching Game
Matching Game

Are all these not so much fun! If you need to purchase any unique gifts anytime soon, now you know where to go.

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