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One of my favorites.

February 19, 2008

Design By Principle, is one of my favorite all time design studios. I first saw their designs a few years ago in a print magazine, and ever since then I have had their site bookmarked. I also got the chance to read a really good article on them last year that I found in a How Magazine I think. It is so amazing to think three women met by chance through the corporate world, and then started up their own business working out of Baltimore, Cleveland, and Quebec. Their stuff is AWESOME! Which I guess would explain why they have really cool clients. In the Baltimore area alone they have  MICA, and the  Walters Art Museum. I also found out they have completely redesigned and packaged some of my favorite candles, the paddywax candles that can now be bought at Anthropologie. It is always fun to really like a product, or a design, and then come to find out a firm who you really like actually designed it.

The Paddywax candles

Paddywax candles

The Walters Art Museum Designs

Walters Art Museum

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