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Cool bag!

February 13, 2008

I was stumbling around some blogs today when I came across Jessica Claire from David Jay’s blog. And so I was reading through Jessica’s blog when I learned about the really cool bag Shootsac. Shootsac was designed originally as a fashion plus and for comfort, I mean who wants to carry around a ugly big old camera bag when they can carry around a shootsac with the cover design of their choice. Here is what she says on the site:

“You are going to love having a bag that actually works as opposed to having to work around your bag. Personally, I don’t need a lot of fancy gear to create the images I see. The magic you can’t bottle is happening right there in front of me. Shootsac makes it possible for me to keep it simple, keep it quick, and most importantly, keep shooting.” jc

I am very interested in using one of these, and once I get the camera I want, I might have to purchase a shootsac for myself!


Photo is from the Shootsac website. Be sure and check out this innovative bag.

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