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February 12, 2008

My full name is Catherine Julia Isaac
But I was named “CJ” before I was born
It is after my two grandmothers
I was born May 31, 1983 in Knoxville TN
I had to be baptized twice
The first time I was baptized under Anna Marie
I was having health problems
and my parents couldn’t remember the name they picked out for me
So the second time was done right
I grew up Catholic
But my mom is Methodist
I loved loved loved barbies growing up
I think I had like 50 of them
My parents wanted me to be involved in sports
So I ice skated, tried gymnastics, and was on the swim team
I am terrible at sports
I have no athletic abilities at all
I even played basketball one year
I was born creative
As a child I drew houses
I wanted to be a architect for the longest time
And then I decided on graphic design
It was the toughest 5 years of my life
but I love Design
And I love photography
In high school I worked alot
I babysat
I worked at a concession stand at the pool
I worked at a button kiosk at the mall
I worked at a card store
And then I tried the restaurant business
I am not much of a salesperson
Nor a waitress
But I can host and organize things well
I am very reserved
Unless I click with you
And then I will talk your head off
The last election I did not vote for Bush
but this election I might vote republican
I have been to the White House 3 times now
I wish I knew more about politics
JFK is my favorite former president
I have read three books on the Kennedy’s
I am very much a southern girl
who lives in Maryland
but only for one more month
I have officially experienced what its like to be lonely
I have twelve best girl friends at home in Knoxville
Mary has known me since I was 5
We met in Mrs. Moore’s first grade class
That means I have known her for almost 2 decades now
We played barbies alot
I am the oldest child
but I wouldn’t want it any other way
I am very responsible
And way too sensitive
when I am really mad, I can be really mean
But that is very rare
I am way too trusting
And way too forgiving
Cinque Terre is my favorite place in Italy
I would go back to Europe in a second
But it could be years before I can go again
I love feminine dresses
They make me feel sophisticated and girly
I wish I could really style my hair
but I have no idea how to
I love making things and creating projects
I love painting
I collect art
And I love beach houses with fun colors
They make me smile
I love typing in all the things that I love
It is kind of fun
I should do it at least once a month
And see what I learn
I hope 2008 is a good year
I hope I learn ALOT this year

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