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Mardi Gras 2008!

February 8, 2008

Well one of the most famous weekends of the south has come and past. Mardi Gras 2008! This was my second time to go, and it was just as fun as the first time. Only this time it was my dear friend Libby’s bachlorette party, which included 20 girls, and 5 hotel rooms. I arrived in New Orleans on Saturday February 2nd, and when I tried to check in to my hotel room at the Iberville Suites on Iberville St, the lady at the front desk said, “I am sorry Mam, we are all maxed out on our hotel rooms this weekend, but we see that you already booked a room. So we are going to put you in the Ritz Carlton, which is connected to our hotel.” At first I was very confused, I already booked a room, but then I thought oh well, its the Ritz! No one can beat that. So up I go to my very nice king size room in the Ritz! Man, what a upgrade. After I get situated I head to Bourbon Street to meet all 20 of my girlfriends at the Bourbon Cowboy, so funny, they made Libby (the bride-to-be) ride the mechanical bull. After we hung out there for a while, we headed to dinner at HerbSaint, on St. Charles Street. What a great restaurant. And you can watch all the floats for the parade go by as you eat. It was a really fun place to eat.

Sunday we woke up and headed to Cafe Amelie on Royal Street. It was little hidden cafe that was adorable. I truly loved it. It almost had this european feel to it, and the wait staff were so friendly. Not to mention the food was fantastic. My good friend Julia picked this out for all of us, and it was a perfect choice.

Sunday also included walking almost 3 hours in and out of parades all the way down to Superior Grill, which is a really fun place to go and get away from most of the crazies. But 3 hours, we all had blisters on our feet, and it was almost impossible to get a cab around the parades. And of course, you can’t go somewhere for the weekend, especially Mardi Gras with 20 girls, and not have something bad happen. So on sunday night, as we are heading back down to Bourbon Street, our cab driver gets sideswiped by another car. What a mess! We were jam packed into this cab, so thank goodness it wasn’t a bad wreck. But we still had to stay and talk to the police.

So through it all, even walking the 3 hours, the cab accident, the blisters on our feet, it was by far the best bunch of Mardi Gras memories a girl could ask for. I think Libby had a great bachlorette party, and what better party than to celebrate in New Orleans with 20 of your best girl friends! After all, Girls just want to have fun!

Outside of Bourbon Cowboy

Parade on Sunday

Cafe Amelie

One of a kind costume!

The Bride-to-be and her sisters!

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