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A Bucket List!

January 23, 2008

So I haven’t seen the new movie The Bucket List, but it looks really good. It’s supposed to be about Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, two older men who are suffering from a terminal illness and realize they need to plan out a bucket list, ( a list of all the things they want to do before they die). So it got me thinking again, what should be on my bucket list? Granted, at the age of 24 I shouldn’t have to worry about my bucket list. But you never know, and just what if something happened to me (knock on wood), what would be on my list?

So here is a list of things I would love to do in my lifetime as of now:

  • take a road trip across the U.S. and stop in random cities and towns and just hang out for a few days
  • visit the Amazon and take a tour through the jungle
  • go on a safari in Africa
  • live in Texas for a week and see if I can figure out why Texan’s love Texas so much
  • be a model at a photo shoot for a day
  • go on a photography assignment for National Geographic
  • take a shot of Tequila, I have never done it
  • try out a job for a day that I have no idea how to do, like accounting or writing press release’s
  • throw a fabulous dinner party with food I cook, not food I buy
  • thats a good one, learn to cook something besides spaghetti
  • take a tour of St. Jude’s hospital and bring fun things for all the kids
  • Buy a Diana Camera
  • drive a really nice car for a day, one that I could never buy. That would be fun.

So that’s a start! I am sure I can think of a million things to go on my bucket list, but for now, I think that will do.

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